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Week 6 Recap, Week 7 Learning Foci and Assembly Time!

on March 7, 2016

Week 6 Recap


Student’s have continued to embrace their artistic sides whilst exploring feelings and emotions in Discovery  this past week. We have seen some excellent progress in the way that our students collaborate and communicate with one another during our activity rotations.

Dramatic Play Benefits Reading Groups

How fantastic is this! Our drama rotation as part of our Arts focus in Discovery learning has allowed us to create valuable learning opportunities in Reading. Here, children can be seen using their drama skills to act out the story they are reading to help with their comprehension of the text. Just look at this comparison, what better way to understand a text than to become part of the story yourself, great work guys!


Exploring Emotions through Music

How fascinating it was for both staff and students to consider the range of emotional responses we can have to a piece of music. Below you can see some examples of children’s emotional responses to 5 very different pieces of instrumental music. Their use of colour and drawings to symbolise different feelings reflects an increasing emotional awareness amongst the group which is pleasing to see.







Paper Mache Creation

As mentioned in last weeks blog post, the collaborative effort that went into this creative process was incredible. Below is a photo you may recognise from last week’s JPOD Challenge in which we asked you to name the Gruffalo characters from left to right (this week is your last chance to get your answers in…PLUS you have the added advantage of seeing some of the finished models displayed in the next photo down. GO ON! Have a peek and leave us a comment with your answer)



Did somebody say….Junior Assembly?

Yes, it’s time for our first Junior Assembly of the year! Please feel welcome to attend in the school gym 2:45pm this Friday the 11th of April. If you think the Paper Mache work above is exciting, then don’t miss this great opportunity to see our students showcase some of the outstanding artistic learning they have done in Discovery this term.

We will also present to you the J Pod representatives (2 for each home group) for Junior School Council. We had some fantastic oral presentations over the last week and the voting, by the students, for each home group was very close indeed.

We hope to see you there!

Week 7 Learning Foci


This week we will be adding another CAFÉ reading strategy to our toolbox known as ‘Skip the Word and Come Back’ – this strategy is great for  when we have become stuck on a word and our other strategies like ‘sounding out’ aren’t helping. We simply skip the word and once we have finished the sentence, we reread it and use the starting sound of the unknown word to help us figure it out. It also helps if we think what words would make sense in the sentence as well.


This week we will continue to utilise the Arts to explore emotions and build upon the student’s communication and collaboration skills.


Students will be working on including a range of connective words and openers in their writing this week as they write personal/reflective pieces which explain their favourite moments from Discovery learning this term.


This week we continue to build upon our understanding of the concept of ‘Place Value’ and it’s application to other mathematical concepts.

Don’t Forget: Junior Assembly – This Friday 11th March 2:45pm in the School Gym.

See you next week!

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