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JPod Discovery Learning update

on March 21, 2017

During our planning time today the JPod teachers were reflecting on the number of skills that the students have been learning this term during our Discovery learning sessions.

The primary focus for our learning has been to foster and develop students skills of collaboration, creativity and growth mindset.

We have approached this through the arts in our Discovery learning sessions and through our Philosophy for Children sessions, by exploring the Mojo films that help students to develop a growth mindset for learning.

By using a combination of visual, dramatic and media arts with the students over the last 6 weeks, the Jpod students have all been involved in the following learning opportunities:

Media Arts:
working collaboratively and creatively to:
create a simple movie with images on the iPad
add voice over and sound effects
create an animation using paper/card figures

Visual arts:
working collaboratively and creatively to:
use shapes and size to create characters
chose and explored appropriate materials to create paper mache characters
explore colour and textures when painting
use visual images to create accurate models of characters.

Dramatic arts:
working collaboratively and creatively to:
use body language and voice to express a character
Be confident to have a go at drama
explore how a script is useful when acting

It was great to have the chance to reflect on the number of skills they have had the chance to develop and consolidate and we are now looking forward to the students putting together all these skills in the final weeks of the term.

We have an interesting ‘So What’ challenge brief coming for the kids which will certainly give them a chance to show us what they have learnt about collaboration, creativity and growth mindset and also to use and apply the skills listed above.

We will share the ‘challenge’ on the blog as soon as we have shared it with the students.

The students have been enjoying creating paper mache characters from the Mojo films, developing their drama and expressive skills and using the iPads in creative ways.

We hope you will enjoy some photos of the last few weeks and stay tuned for the coming ‘Jpod Challenge’ which will bring our terms work to a conclusion over the next couple of weeks.

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