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Mindfulness and Gratitude Practise

on March 21, 2017

As we approach the end of term 1 we are still incorporating mindfulness and gratitude as part of our daily program in the Jpod.

We are using short sessions to help the students think positively about themselves and the world around them and to help give them opportunities to calm themselves and regulate their behavior.

Below are a couple of clips which we have listened to with the students. After students listened to the ‘Story Tree’ meditation they were asked to draw their own special ‘Treehouse’ and some of the amazing pictures they drew are under the video clip.

The second clip came to us from the ‘smiling minds App’ and is one of the characters from the recent Trolls movie speaking to the kids about how to find happiness within themselves.

We would love to hear some comments from the students about what they think of their mindfulness sessions at school.

Or if parents have any good ideas to share with us about how you help your children to be mindful while at home, we also love for you to share those with us.

The students seem to be enjoying the mindfulness times of the day and hopefully the benefits will develop in helping them become happy, resilient learners.

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