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Publishing writing to create enthusiasm and motivation to write

on April 9, 2017

We hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

The Jpod students finished last term by putting all their writing skills together to produce a piece of published writing for a real audience. Writing for an audience is what ‘real’ writers and authors do and its important for students to see that their writing can inform and entertain others, together with the other many reasons that we learn to write to help us with communication in our lives.

There were different forms of publishing used in the Jpod, with some students making real books about their favorite things and animals.

Other students used our iPads to create electronic books using ‘book creator’, which is a great app for making digital books that can capture, images, text and sound. As part of the writing process the students had to edit and correct their work, re-draft and re-work pictures and text so that their finished work was the best it could be.

The students electronic books have been but together into a movie format for sharing on the blog and we hope that you enjoy the students work.

As you will see they had been exploring the effect punctuation can have on our writing and this all came from a very entertaining picture story book which suggests that ‘Punctuation can Save lives’….

‘Let’s eat Grandma!” having a very different meaning to ” Let’s eat, Grandma!”.

We hope you enjoy the students innovations on this concept and their fantastic illustrations created to match their texts.

To help the students with their amazing drawings, the students first used the iPads to watch other ‘how to draw videos’ with artists drawing and instructing the students how to improve their drawing skills -this is another great way in which students can use technology to help them in their learning.

One Response to “Publishing writing to create enthusiasm and motivation to write”

  1. Narelle Smith says:

    Hi Jpod students,
    I loved your book about punctuation! Isn’t it amazing the difference to meaning made by something as small as a comma or a full stop! I will remember your book the next time I say ‘It’s time to eat, Prep B’!!
    Miss Smith

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