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Term 1 Discovery Learning came to a wonderful conclusion on Friday

on April 9, 2017

Our term 1 Discovery learning came to a wonderful conclusion on the last Friday of term as our students worked in their collaborative teams to present their episode of the ‘Mojo’ growth mindset films to explain to their audience what it meant to be in the learning dip and how to get out to the learning dip with the power of ‘I CANT DO THIS YET!”

click her to watch the DIP episode

The students had worked together in the week to use all their skills developed during the term to collaborate in developing characters, making puppets, creating scripts and story boards and using their drama skills to bring to life their characters. This whole process was a great way to reinforce and use their skills and also was yet another way to help the students understand the important message of maintaining a growth mindset in all they do, especially when learning new or challenging things.

We were very impressed with the students collaboration, creativity and growth mindset skills as they brought to a conclusion the ‘Challenging’ work of the term.

We can’t wait to see what challenges and learning our term 2 discovery learning will bring to the Jpod.

We hope you enjoy the photos below of the students in action on Friday.


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