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Real life application for Maths

We are always looking for ways to link our application of maths concepts to real life. After all, we use numbers every day in our life. We read the clock in the morning, check the weather, check the footy scores and read the speed on our car as we drive.

Information displayed through numbers, charts, graphs, pictures is all around us and we often interpret these without even thinking we are using our Math’s skills.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been exploring and developing the J-pod students understanding of statistics and data by showing them how the skills they use to collect, display and interpret information are used by people in the real world, in real jobs.

Last week, after the visit from the Geelong Cats players we focused on the job of a statistician who collects information during a footy match. The students loved watching part of a game, using their tallying skills to count up kicks, hand balls, marks etc. They then used their recording skills to produce tables and graphs.

Following that we went outside (the next day) for some real footy games and to collect some ‘Live’ Stats. The students loved this and they were able to compare and contrast other data collected in each other’s games. We explored how data helps us make reasoned predictions too.


We are continuing our learning this week by beginning to explore the data that we come across when we look at the weather. Again, a real life link that the students already have an understanding of.


Today the students investigated this, using the iPads, to collect as many different types of graphs and charts that they could find about the weather. They then put these images into Comic Book and were able to ‘air play’ them up to our large screens in the room to show each other the different types of information they had found. We had a very interesting discussion about graphs, line graphs, temperature maps, scales and keys that help us understand information and weather symbols.


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